7 Things To Do Before Moving Out

7 Things to do before moving out.


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  • Patch up holes. Once you’ve taken your artwork down, remove nails and screws and patch with spackling paste. Don’t forget to sand each spot for a smooth wall that your landlord can easily paint over.


  • Repaint. This all depends on your landlord, the lease and what both parties agreed to when you first moved in. But if you weren’t supposed to paint or you agreed to repaint when you moved out, unfortunately you’ll have to tackle this big chore.


  • Clean out the oven and fridge. You always need to leave the apartment how you found it (which means cleaning the oven and the fridge). Schedule these tasks at least a month to two weeks before you move since they can be time consuming. You can line the oven with tinfoil to protect it from future spills.


  • Clean. Don’t forget to give the apartment a good cleaning after everything has been moved out.


  • Leave an empty apartment. You may think you’re doing the landlord or future tenants a favor by leaving a spare broom or baking soda but it’s best to donate/recycle/toss any belongings that you don’t plan on taking with you.


  • Round-up the keys. Don’t forget to gather all the keys to your apartment building (even the spare set thatNew trucksyou had made for the neighbors).


  • Plan a walk-through. Schedule a time for you and your landlord to walk through the apartment building. This will give you a chance to show your landlord that you’ve taken care of everything and ensure that the deposit check will be returned.



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